Social Media 101 and Beyond

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Julia Clark
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Blogging, Wikis, Moodle, Twitter and any other applications that are enhancing your experiences - at home, at home with your children, in school with your students, among staff or school-wide.

Challenges, Complexities, Engagement, Internet Safety, How To might be natural themes to develop from this presentation.

Any interest?

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Julia, I'm interested in

Julia, I'm interested in joining this discussion. A few of the teachers at my school are experimenting with classroom blogs and Twiducate. We briefly talk about the possibility of sharing at Edcamp so maybe can all get together to share ideas and experiences.

Shaun Fraser
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Social Media 101

A definite interest on my end. I am currently thinking through how I can better communicate and have students collaborate using channels in which they are fluent (SMS, Facebook) as well as help them become more literate with others (Wiki, Blogs, Moodle).

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I'd love to participate to this...

Just read an article about backchannel in Geordia Straight..

How would that apply in a classroom setting?

See you tomorrow!

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