Registering for Edcamp Vancouver

Sometime near the end of this month, we will be creating an official form for people to register for Edcamp Vancouver. We haven't finished creating it yet because we wanted to make sure we had all of our details correct.

In the meantime, register for this website via the registration link above. You won't be able to post right away as I have to enable this for each person who registers individually. If you have registered and don't seem to be able to post, contact me at @ through Twitter or send me an email at davidNOSPAMwees AT gmail DOT com.  If you are interested in helping out, either by being part of the planning committee, or by volunteering on the day of the event, let me know.

So far we have set a date for this unconference, which is April 16th, the day before the Digital Learning conference (also in Vancouver), and the location will be John Oliver Secondary school thanks to Gino Bondi, the principal of said school.

Registration for this conference will be free, that I can assure you. You will get some food, and have a chance to meet some great educators, and more importantly share what you know about education.

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