Next Edcamp Vancouver meeting - 9AM, Saturday, January 29th

I've set up a system so that I can send out announcements to people who have signed up for the website. I'm testing it out now, and have sent out a meeting notification. Please let me know if you did not receive it last week. If you'd like the ability to opt out of these emails, please let me know. I promise not to send too many of these emails, probably about one a month leading up to the Edcamp Vancouver event.

So far we know that Edcamp Vancouver will be hosted at the John Oliver School at 41st and Fraser on April 16th. We are still working out the details like sponsorship, food, and getting the word out to other educators.

We had a meeting in December, and I've sought the opinion of most people who were at that meeting and most of them are okay if we move our next planned meeting, which would have been this coming Saturday to the following Saturday.

This means our next planned meeting will be 9AM, Saturday, January 29th at Cafe Vancouver (see

Agenda for Saturday's meeting

1.Updates: Results of previous actions
2.Breaking into teams
- Sponsorship, budgeting, food, day of details
3.Getting the word out about Edcamp
4.Any other business?
5.Work in individual action groups.

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